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TMJ Rehab

Do you ever find it difficult to chew or yawn due to pain, clicking or locking in your jaws? Do you suffer from headaches, neck pain, ringing or stuffiness in the ears? A common source of many of these symptoms is from the temporo-mandibular joint, better known as TMJ or TMD (temporo-mandibular disorder). TMJ issues are often undiagnosed or not treated, which leads to severe pain and significantly limited function with eating, talking, and other common functions. Very often, patients diagnosed with TMD are told they must resign themselves to “living with” their condition, or having extremely risky and expensive jaw surgery.

But knowledge of the causes of TMD are helping qualified physical therapists discover how muscle and joint remobilization techniques can dramatically decrease the symptoms related to TMD, and in some cases eliminate most of the headaches related to the disorder.